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Sci-Fi | Drama | Written with support from SFFILM


A refugee couple, Fahad and Nora, struggle to settle into their new home, when their nine-year-old Hadi becomes convinced UFOs are targeting him for abduction. Based on a true memory.

Concept sketch by David Tenorio



Historical | Thriller | Written by Hassan Abdulrazzak, Produced by Nadia Nadif


Arab by blood, Spanish by name, Catalina is sold into slavery as a child and becomes the confidante of princess Catherine, who is sold into marriage to King Henry VIII. When their infamous divorce leads to political violence, Catalina escapes to reclaim her childhood freedom, but as witness to the disputed wedding night, she is hounded by secret agents to speak against her truth. Based on new historical research by Lauren Johnson.

Reference inspiration by Elizabeth Colomba

Concept sketch by David Tenorio



Sci-Fi | Drama | Written with support from SFFILM FilmHouse Residency

A mother-son story set in the world of VIV, published in LEAPSMAG. More details to come on this and other screenplays in development.

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